Jumat, 14 April 2017

My uncle, a glass craftsman

I will tell you here about an expert in glass. glass experts here is my own uncle or brother of my mother.
Although he has not yet really can be said to be an expert. But he was very clever in making knick knacks households that are made of glass. Like mirrors, glass cabinets, and much more.
It is not easy for my uncle to open stores. First it only work with someone, but now she has had her own glass shops. Although the store's glass is still small.
Alhamdulillah.. My uncle has had very many customers. My dad used to also have the same job with it. They are equally gifted in this regard. But my dad died a very young age. But my father has yet to open a shop, my father had already died.
My uncle's store is located at street husein hamzah or known in pontianak pal 5. My uncle received a Booker at the various items of household material essence of glass. Customized orders with customers who want things and is dominated by what. If the price is provided depending on the type of order.
Coincidence with the existence of this task, so I'm a bit of a whim by promoting my uncle's shop here. If you guys are readers of this blog and would like to place an order please call this number 089501873879 or 082153655913.In Shaa Allah the owner of the number can serve you want to order a glass. And thank you for reading this blog and pray for my uncle's shop can more forward again and jaya. Hehe
Umpteen and Wassalamualaikum..

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I Can't Imagine Life Without a Helmet

I can't imagine my life without a helmet not only mine, but maybe also the whole biker. Because if the helmet does not exist, there may be no security for the head on while driving especially riding a motorcycle or bicycle. Maybe there will be an awful lot of people who suffered serious injuries if the helmet does not exist even could just be direct died because of not using a helmet at the time of driving and accidents.

At this time now many accidents. It's all because of the many road users who use the road with arbitrary. New beginnings especially teenagers can use the vehicle, they are happy to compete in driving a vehicle that they use. But all of it back to their parents in guiding their children and parents should not let their children who are not yet old enough to drive motorbikes, cars, and so on. And the most important is the sheer breadth of the police on duty in the traffic section. The police should also urge people to drive in accordance with the existing regulations, if possible on a regular basis should check supay riders follow the rules.

The accident also often occurs due to an awful lot of communities through the traffic lights. Many of them can't wait if it is waiting for the turn red to green. Or maybe most of them do not know from where the color is red and green. Therefore, the accident also often happens because society is not discipline.

So to keep the safety of some types of accidents above use helmets and other equipment.

Umpteen and thanks.

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skills

Here I will tell you about the ability or skills I have at the moment. Perhaps still confusing for me to determine an ability that most mendominan didiri me. But the ability of didiri I was cooking. Although I am still less than perfect.
Current special dishes I still might be less than perfect, however, because each day I usually Cook food for at home so I just like practicing a more perfect in cooking.
Maybe cooking is not an ability that is only possessed by a few people, because cooking is a common capability for females. It's just that not all women want to bother to get off kedapur only for cooking. Because with time the increasingly modern, many women career who prefer wearing a household Assistant labor rather than work directly.
It all happened because at the time now not only the man in charge of making a living in his house. But the woman also has the right to become the breadwinner for his family.
Now women are much more appreciated than it used to be. Even former women who cannot become a priest when the prayer, however with time now women can become a priest when his people as long as the prayer is also a woman. Even in an area of China has set up a special mosque for women.
Maybe it was just a glimpse of the discussion about the woman who is now his ability is already diverse, and can be said to be equal to a man. Thank you.

Senin, 06 Maret 2017

Profession Of An Economist

Group :
  1. Syarif Rifa’i
  2.  Erza Syafira
  3. Saropah 
  4. Dini Salsa 

Reading (Vocabulary)
  1. Effort                   = usaha 
  2. Concerned           = prihatin 
  3. Goods                  = barang – barang 
  4. Interested             = tertarik 
  5. Costs                    = biaya-biaya 
  6. Employed            = memperkerjakan 
  7. Engage                = mengikutsertakan 
  8. Policies                = kebijakan 
  9. Wears                   = memakai 
  10. Policy                   = kebijaksanaan ( of an goverment) 
  11. Forecast                = ramalan 
  12. Gains                    = laba 
  13. French                  = orang perancis 
  14. Especially            = teristimewa 
  15. Assured               = percaya 
  16. Paychecks           = cek gaji 
  17. Fringe benefits    = tunjangan 
  18. Risks                   = resiko 
  19. Risktaking          = beresiko 
  20. Measured           = telah diperhitungkan 
  21. Teens                 = remaja 
  22. Increase             = pertambahan 
  23. Regarded           = menghormati 
  24. Rather                = agak 
  25. Tycoon               = hartawan
Exercise 1. Study the meaning of the following words, then use to fill in the gaps: monitor, check and control.
  1. Check
  2. Control
  3. Monitor
  4. Control
  5. Monitor
Exercise 2. Choose the words with similiar meaning from two columns and arrange them in pairs.
1.      Costs = P. 1 line 6
Meaning = expenses, outlay
2.      Monitor = P. 3 line 2
Meaning = control, manage
3.      Flair = P. 4 line 5
Meaning = skill, talent, inclination
4.      Entrepreneur = P. 3 line 6
Meaning = employer
5.      Forecast = P. 2 line 4
Meaning = prediction
6.      Provide = P. 2 line 4
Meaning = supply, equip, outfit
7.      Job-setting = P. 2 line 1
Meaning = place of work
8.      Liable = P. 5 line 4
Meaning = responsible

Exercise 3. Complete the sentence using the words given below.
1.      Liable means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.      An self-employed is a person who sets up business and bbusiness deals.
3.      A tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful.
4.      The industry will have to pass its increased distribution on to the consumer.
5.      The management will provide accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.
6.      He has always been benefits or fringe benefits for his children.
7.      The costs of the job include a car and free health insurance.
8.      He won’t qualify as an economist until next year.
9.      An individual hopingto start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial flair or talent.
10.  Unfortunately forecasts of higher profits did not come true.
11.  Economists are concerned with the production, entrepreneur and comsumtion.